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Send an E-mail to consign with us.

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Have an item you would like to consign with us? E-mail provides a very convenient way to send us your information.

It saves time and let’s you sit back and await our reply – and you can send your inquiry 24 hours a day, not just during our normal store hours. It’s really quite easy,  Here’s all you do:

  1. Gather the information about the item(s) you want to consign with us.
  2. Click here to open your e-mail program. Our e-mail address will be automatically filled in for you.
  3. Use the below example e-mail as a guide to create your own.
  4. Once completed, click “send.” Your request will be on its way to us.

Example E-mail Guide

You can highlight – then copy & paste the below format into your e-mail.
Change the information before sending it, of course.

Note: If you have additional items, simply list them as item #2, item #3, etc.

Once we receive your e-mail, we will normally reply by e-mail to discuss your consignment. If you prefer that we contact you by phone, just ask – and include your first name and phone number in your e-mail. We will then respond by phone. Our response will usually take within 24 hours.

Dear Hilton House …
I would like to consign the following item(s). Please contact me to make the arrangements for this.

Item #1: (Here’s an example using a candelabra)
Description: Silver Candelabra (Silver Plated) – five candle
Brand or maker: Paul Revere Silversmiths
Condition: Excellent – no dents or scratches, silver coating is not worn through
Photo (if available attach to this email): see below instructions.

candelabraAttaching a Photo

If you have a digital photo of the item, place your cursor on the image, then right click your mouse and select “copy” – next place your cursor in the place in your email you want the image to appear, right click again and select “paste.” The image will go into your email. (If you use “text only” email – this will attach the image to your message, so we will still receive it).

A digital photograph you attach to your e-mail might look like the image to the left.

Now, wasn’t that easy?

Consignor’s should read and retain their copy of the consignment agreement contract.

  1. Consigning items are at your own risk.  Hilton House is not responsible for consigned items in case of theft, breakage, fire, natural disasters of any kind.
  2. Consignors receive 60% on fine jewelry.  Consignors 50% on furniture, rugs, mirrors, artwork, costume jewelry, and named-brand table top items.  Net proceeds due consignor include deduction for credit card service fees, if any.
  3. Furniture and table-top items are consigned for 45 days, sometimes longer, determined on selected items.
  4. Prices are determined by Hilton House’s trained staff.  Hilton House may reduce price by 10% to 20% to make sale.
  5. Consignor to contact Hilton House on the settlement date for proceeds due and disposition of unsold items.  Unsold items not picked-up within THREE business days after the end of the consignment period may be donated.
  6. If your items are not picked up prior to donation, Hilton House has the option to donate or to sell selected items for 50% of the original price.
  7. Consignors guarantees, that they are the owners and legally entitled to sell items consigned.
  8. Moving items into or out of the store is the responsibility of the consignor.
  9. Consignors are responsible for contacting Hilton House on their settlement date.

Approval for furniture may be arranged via photographs that are emailed to us, or by contacting the store to set-up a furniture preview appointment. Contact our store directly or send us an email for Estate Sale Services inquires.

Hilton House donates to Hospice of Contra Costa County.  Donation receipts are given to consignor for donated items.

I enjoy coming to Hilton House at least once a week to discover all the new and like-new collectibles.
~ G.F. – Walnut Creek, CA