Opals contain more water than any other gemstone, therefore if they dry out, they are subject to cracking. Here are some helpful hints:

Do not leave your Opal in water for extended time over 20 minutes.
Clean your Opal with soap and water, do not clean with solutions or hand sanitizer. Do not leave your Opal in direct sun or hot areas, exposure could dry out the stone and crack. If you’re cleaning your Opal in an ultrasonic cleaning machine, do not leave it in more than three minutes. Lastly, Opals need to be rubbed with a bit of Vaseline occasionally to keep it from drying out.

Follow these handy tips for your Opal and it will remain the most beautiful color. In addition, Hilton House Consignment is known for their wonderful collection of Opals in rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings from different parts of the World.