We always expect trends to come back and while that has proven to be true for fashion and beauty, the same can’t be said about furniture. Many great furniture trends have been left behind in the past and they need a revival. The good old days need to make a comeback!

Here are some furniture trends that we need to bring back:

Empire chest

Vintage furniture is reminiscent of simpler times. The pieces showed true craftsmanship which seems to be lost in the present day method of manufacturing furniture. Pieces built in the 1900s were the perfect balance between functionality and design.

The empire chest was the perfect piece that would fit into any home’s aesthetic. It could be places at the entrance of a home, in the bedroom, or used as additional storage around the house. It was available in a number of colors too. Paired with a mirror, it made for a great makeshift vanity.

Murphy beds

Remember Murphy beds? They were once a staple in every home! We’re not quite sure why this ever went out of style, since it’s a genius way of making the most of a small room. Let’s face it, the bed always takes up the most space. Without it, there’s so much more you can do with a room! Murphy beds are ideal for studio apartments or for shared spaces. Here’s how you can DIY one if you can’t find it on the market.

Living room with vintage leather furniture.

Built-in dining

Before kitchen islands and bar seating was a thing in homes, built-in dining was very common. This trend of the 40s and 50s included a diner-style seating area in kitchen where you could comfortably have your meals.  The couches used were far more comfortable and allowed you relax and have a meal or even take a break and have your coffee.

Brass furniture

Antique brass furniture like beds were quite the symbol of luxury, back in the day. Brass offered a unique color theme to the bedroom and its vintage look gave a home a cozy feel.

Colorful kitchen appliances

You might have spotted mint green and powder blue refrigerators in movies from the 50s. If not, you’re probably quite surprised that refrigerators came in such statement colors. Back in the day, kitchen appliances were known to be colorful. This trend is slowly coming back with colorful Kitchen Aids. Some kitchen appliance companies have also released a retro line of refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves.

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